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Akash Magoon

Tech Enthusiast from Baltimore, MD.

Akash is currently a student at the University of Maryland, College Park and previously a software engineer at Amazon Web Services. He enjoys leveraging machine learning and data science techniques to solve interesting problems. Akash has an entrepreneurial background and has built software products that help businesses in a few different industries.

He is passionate about driving innovation and finding solutions, and is always on the venture of investigating the role of technology in solving high-value social problems. He is an investor at 301 Ventures, a seed investment fund that backs great entrepreneurs.


2014 - 2015

GIS Independent Researcher

Geosimulation Research Laboratory
Advisor: Dr. Paul Torrens

Fall 2014: Integrated Oculus Rift VR (virtual reality) and Microsoft Kinect technologies to create a 3D military simulation to accurately resemble the geography of a future military mission/operation. The simulation not only allows users' to experience a military base and zone with a Oculus VR headset, but also allows them to use Microsoft Kinect motion capture to traverse through the land in first-person. Motivation for the project was fueled by the story of Operation Neptune Spear, where the CIA and the Navy SEAL team spent millions to create a full-scale replica of their mission. The goal of the research project was to facilitate this same effort using inexpesive, commodity hardware.

2014 - 2015

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Human-Computer Interaction Makeability Lab

On a team of Ph.D., Master's, and fellow undergraduates that is passionate about investigating the role of technology in solving high-value social problems. Currently working with Principal Investigator Dr.Jon Froehlich and Ph.D. student Kotaro Hara on a high-level platform called Sidewalk, which aims to combine crowdsourcing, computer vision, machine learning, and Google Street View to identify street-level accessibility problems. I am working with the team to refactor an existing PHP codebase to Scala, a object-functional programming language whose code is more scalable, reusable, and reliable than alternatives.

Work Experience

September 2016 -
May 2017

Software Engineer

Amazon Web Services

Working with a brilliant team to revolutionize Desktop-as-a-service.

June 2016 - August 2016

Software Engineering Intern

Bloomberg LP

Mortgages/Core Financial Applications

Built a Python based QA analytics system that uses machine learning and pattern recognition to cluster and group log files to help developers and management find anomalies and bugs in company software.

Employed Scikit-learn’s clustering algorithms to develop an unsupervised learning model that finds unusual behavior after continuous integration deployments to production.

June 2015 - August 2015

Defense Intelligence Intern

Booz Allen Hamilton

Worked on the Baltimore Open Data project, where my team and I developed a data analytics engine that rapidly provides meaningful insights and visualizations for a variety of structured and unstructured geospatial data sets to help people in cities be more cognizant of their surroundings. We built and scaled native Android and iOS applications to provide location-based data on crimes, traffic, and tweets for Baltimore City. We also delivered a Web app that uses our engine to provide an augmented reality visualization on our data set to give users a comprehensive perspective on what the data has to offer. My team was awarded a 2nd place prize for our work.

July 2015 - Present

Founder and CEO

LISLabs, a Medical Laboratory Software

Developed and licensed a laboratory information system (LIS) SaaS software, called LISLabs, that is used by over a dozen medical labs and hospitals.

The software is used while testing the blood/urine of pre-operation patients for drug and medication concentration.

LISLabs is integrated with multiple different lab machines, and ingests results from these machines and generates reports in real-time to provide physicians with crucial information necessary before a procedure.

February 2015 - Present


VentureStorm, Startup Collaboration Platform

VentureStorm is a marketplace that allows student entrepreneurs and developers to collaborate locally on their campus.

Built a scalable SaaS platform, using Ruby on Rails and various frontend JavaScript frameworks.

Reengineered the company’s business model to optimize efficiency, procure a loyal customer base, and receive funding.

Jan 2015

Strategic Innovation Group Winter Extern

Booz Allen Hamilton

Worked closely with a team of 5 other undergrads to build a platform that mines Twitter for specific hashtags, performs sentiment analysis on those tweets, and then maps their geolocation on top of Google Maps. Corporations can use this platform to study their customers based on the sentiment of customer tweets (clustered by location).

My team took 1st place in the Booz Allen data science challenge.

May 2014 -
Sep 2014

Full Stack Developer

West Run Holdings: Entrepreneurship | Innovation | Strategy | Investing

Worked the full-stack to deliver high quality, professional, and dynamic web sites.

Held meetings with clients to discuss new development practices and technologies and maintain agile development environment.

Demonstrated various user interface designs to ensure deliverables met clients’ expectations.

June 2014 -
Aug 2014

Software Engineer Intern

Lotame: Data Management Platform | DMP

Collaborated and worked with software engineers, team leads, managers, and business team members to define and refine requirements in an agile development environment. (Sprint/Scrum)

Designed and developed an internal operations dashboard that organizes company data through a variety of tools, charts, and tables, with a focus on usability and user interface (UI) design.

Worked with big data technologies, primarily Hadoop/Hive, to ascertain statistics and figures to analyze and answer questions regarding company internal databases.

Jan 2013 -
Jan 2014

User Interface Engineer


Facilitated a web app development process, focusing on usability and experience.

Developed and implemented efficient, reusable and flexible UI components using JavaScript, JQuery, and internal frameworks.

Executed all visual design stages from concept to launch.

Jun 2013 -
Aug 2014

Design Engineer Intern


Served as developer for Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.

Collaborated with Software Engineer team to implement new programming technologies into existing web platforms

Design/Developed CMS based web templates

Dec 2012 -
May 2013



Coordinated with other divisions of the project to provide the world with exciting,relevant news stories.

Led team to build a 10,000 registered user database in less than 8 months of launch

Responsible for driving growth and ensuring operational excellence

Managed IT budget, personnel, planning and policy development


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